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Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories[bewerken]

Sora's Verhaal[bewerken]

A member of the group that controls Castle Oblivion.
Larxene is unfeeling and loves nothing more than to bring other people down.
She is on good terms with Axel but still mocks everyone and trusts no one.


No. 12 in the Organization.
Larxene conspired with Marluxia to take over the group, and intended to pull Axel in as well.
However, her abrasive, unfeeling personality proved her downfall—provoking Sora's anger was a fatal error.

Kingdom Hearts II[bewerken]

Formerly Organization XIII's Number XII. She has been eliminated.
Larxene conspired with Marluxia to turn on the Organization.
Larxene was unfeeling and loved nothing more than to bring people down, but she met her demise when that malice came full circle.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[bewerken]

Wields sharp knives and a sharper tongue. Her lightning strikes as quick as her temper.
Weapon: Knives