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Kingdom Hearts[bewerken]

A spunky girl who lived on the Destiny Islands. She is rather impulsive, and quite the romanticist. Nobody knows what happened to her after her island disappeared.

"Final Fantasy VIII"

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories[bewerken]

A perky girl from Sora's islands.

Selphie is assertive and tends to leap before she looks. She also has a romantic side.

Kingdom Hearts II[bewerken]

Final Fantasy VIII

A girl who lived on the same islands as Sora. She always played with Sora and the other boys.

Selphie's whereabouts were in question after Destiny Islands vanished some time ago, but thanks to Sora's help, she was able to return home.

Kingdom Hearts coded[bewerken]

A girl from the Destiny Islands, and a friend of Sora's. Selphie isn't one to sit still; usually she's hanging out with Sora and Wakka and the other island boys.

She might look like Ms. Independent and rely a bit too heavily on her fists, but don't be fooled; what you've got here is a classic closet romantic.